The pandemic has accelerated international trading and several fintech platforms are offering foreign exchange and remittance services to corporates, enterprises, SMBs and consumers. Competitive pricing and effective management of FX trades on behalf of customers can be achieved using APIs for FX functions.

Platforms can use FX APIs to fetch and display FX rates to customers, get information about their FX trades, with additional abilities to cover and cancel the trades.

Key features of Finzly Connect FX APIs

  • Transparency to rates at the time of booking the FX trades
  • Can be used in conjunction with our payments and accounts APIs to deliver diverse use cases
  • Ability to Accept or Reject FX rates
  • Complete the payment leg of the FX transaction by using Payment APIs

Use case in action

A global payments marketplace is catering to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). They want to provide their customers with full control and transparency for global payments made on their platform.

  • SMB customers are set up using virtual accounts
  • Simple API integration to provide customers with live FX rates, allowing them to accept or reject the conversion rates
  • Ability to manage trades
  • Transparent and frictionless customer experience for FX