We believe in taking the complexity out of payments. By using one single API for instant, domestic and international payments, you can access multiple rails like ACH, Fedwire, RTP and FedNow. Our payment engine powers this API, smartly routing it through the appropriate rail, based on rule-based workflows.

Using the APIs, users can originate payments, request and process collection through US Fedwire, US ACH, RTP, FedNow and SWIFT. Several use cases can be brought to life through the application of these APIs in customer-facing apps. They can also be used to automate internal payment processes like invoice payments. The payment status APIs help in providing full transparency of the payments throughout the lifecycle of the payments.

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  • Payments are optimized based on acceptance, speed of delivery and/or cost
  • Event-driven notifications when payment statuses change, helping you offer exceptional CX
  • Accepts payment instructions in different formats - ISO20022, SWIFT MT, custom and NACHA formats
  • Reduced payment failures due to in-built smart routing capabilities
  • Ability to repair exceptions
  • Fallback options for alternative rails if payee bank is not on RTP/FedNow
  • Ability to test payment flows before going live on our sandbox environment

Payment capabilities

The API offers various payment capabilities including but not limited to:

  • Initiate payments
  • Receive payments
  • Receive payment statuses for ongoing payment transactions
  • Request for payment refunds
  • Returns and cancellations
  • Retrieve payment information about payment transactions